Derek Moore is a professional photographer
originally from Santa Cruz, California, where
he was born in 1966.

With a degree in Art focusing in sculpture he
has been successful in all his interests,
showing his sculpture and photos in galleries
in California, Illinois and Michigan.

Moore has had a strong interest in photogra-
phic art since he was young and has carried
this passion with him all his life. When he was
20 years old, his photograph was featured
on the cover of Petersen's Photographic Ma-
gazine. His work also appeared in books and

Moore was given high review and invitation
to show by the Contemporary Museum of
Photography in Chicago.

From 1992 until 2003 Moore lived in Chicago
as a self-employed photographer and owner
of Questionmarkstudio.

In February 2003 he relocated to Berlin after
11 years of photographic excursions in
Europe that brought him from the northern
tip of Scotland to the old city streets of

As a commercial photographer Moore focused
on casting and theatrical photography. He
mainly photographed film and theater actors
as well as theatrical productions. Currently
he is building up a clientele in Berlin.